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Favorite Locations

The Hudson Gardens and Event Center, Littleton, CO

If you are looking for water, green luscious grass, bridges, benches, and lots of gorgeous water features and flowers, the Hudson Gardens is the location for you! Open free to the public, this is a beautiful place to create some fun new memories!

Mt. Falcon West Trailhead, Indian Hills, CO

This location boast its "million dollar view," wildflowers, trees, and an overall beautiful, rustic feel! This is perfect if you want nature and mountainous backgrounds. There's something magical about the lighting here as well! This is the best location for nearby mountain photos. Be prepared to walk just a little bit!

Park at Camp George West, Golden, CO

This location is perfect if you need something nearby but still beautiful! There's large open, grassy fields, some trees and flowering bushes, and more. It's pet friendly so if you want photos with your furry friend this is the place to come! This place is also nice because you don't have the big crowds of other nearby parks.

The Green Barn, Conifer, CO

If you're looking for rustic and lots of adventure, this is the location for you! This location boasts or a woodpile, gorgeous wooden door to a green barn, and tons of pines and beautiful large rocks for climbing and adventuring! Come to the right location and you get a beautiful view of the mountains! Prepare for lots of climbing and steep hills.