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School/Daycare Pictures

Put your daycare a step ahead of your competition and offer pictures!

This collaboration will work best as a partnership. I come and give your parents the opportunity to get their child's school pictures done, take pictures of your staff, and also will do class pictures. The best part is this is absolutely no cost to the daycare. Your daycare also receives a portion of the profits. In return, I get to network. I pass out business cards and discounts to any daycare family who books a session with me. 

I’m so excited for the opportunity to work with you! Here is some quick information on how our partnership will work:


The Set Up:

  • If possible, I recommend doing pictures indoors, as there will be less distractions, and we will not be dependent on the weather.

  • The set for this fall is posted above. I can create a custom set for you for a fee. This one is free! 

  • I will have my camera hooked directly to my laptop so we can view the photographs instantly. This helps to insure we get the photos we need of each child.


Photo Delivery and Print Options:

  • Each family will receive digital proofs via email before they purchase their photos.

  • I typically charge $25 per child, guaranteed 3 digital pictures (different poses/props).

  • Print Packages and a la carte prints are available for purchase but not required. (see print packages for pricing)

  • I also offer specialty printing of larger prints, canvases, and artwork.



  • The best way to divide profits is to market it to your families as a “Picture Day Fundraiser” I can help make up a flier or brochure to pass out!

  • I typically take pictures of all the children whether the parents want the pictures or not – then if they want the pictures they pay their fee. It cuts back on confusion and the craziness some. Your company will receive ALL the digital files and the print release– these can be used for bulletin boards, crafts, etc!

  • We will divide the proceeds from the $25 session fee 80 for me/20 for you, and you will receive 10% of profits from any print packages.

  • I will create a spreadsheet of the families who have purchased and what they purchased that I will turn in to you, and then I will write your daycare a check when all is said and done.

  • One of the biggest ways this helps my business is for me to pass out business cards or fliers to the families. I typically offer daycare families a discount on their first session with me.

  • I can also come and take “candids” of the children playing and interacting with teachers, the classrooms, etc that you can use for marketing, on your website, etc! ($100 for 1 hour, you get every edited picture I take. You can expect at least 30 digital copies and the print release to use as you see fit.)



  • For no additional fee whatsoever, I will also take class pictures and staff pictures for you to use as you see fit! 



  • I can set up a way for parents to pay online, but I also have envelopes that I will deliver to your daycare to send to the parents.

  • Parents must pay before they will receive their digitals. (I send out proofs so they can decide if they want to purchase.)

  • I gladly give refunds! 


Contact me today to schedule your school or daycare pictures!

* My contract needs to be signed before I can take your daycare/school photos.

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