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Print Packages

Why choose to print through a professional photographer instead of doing it yourself?

Most grocery stores print in sRGB, while most professional printers use RGB. RGB coloring is more vibrant and has a much wider range in colors. Simply put, non-professional printers use machines that are slightly more limited in the colors they can print. Therefore, the colors can become distorted; they may have too much of one hue, causing your skin to look unnaturally green, or your reds to be more purple in color. 

Professional prints typically come on thicker paper and last longer; their colors don't fade as quickly, they withstand the test of time, and their colors are much brighter!


In the interest of being affordable, I include all digitals with my sessions, but I highly recommend ordering professional prints especially for anything that will be put on display or given out as gifts!


Small Package

(1) 5x7
(2) 4x6
(8) Wallets



Mid-Sized Package

(1) 8x10
(1) 5x7
(1) 4x6
(8) Wallets 


1500 x 1200 dimesions png high (8 of 9).

Large Package

(2) 8x10
(2) 5x7
(2) 4x6
(8) Wallets



To Share Package

(1) 11x14
(2) 8x10
(4) 5x7
(2) 4x6
(8) Wallets


Additional Prints Pricing:


4x6 $1.75

5x7 $12

8x10 $16

8.5x11 $25

Wallets $15 (8 wallets)

Photo strips:

4 photos $7.50


11x14 $50

16x20 $80

16x24 $80


24x36 $150


11x14 $150

16x20  $350

16x24 $360

18x24 $360

20x30 $440

24x36 $450

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