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About Cherish Lamgo

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world!

I remember receiving a disposable camera as a young girl and being so excited to get to capture the world through my own eyes. As I grew, I naturally became the person in my family walking around with our cheap digital camera gathering pictures of everything and everyone that caught my eye. I'd post them on social media and make very blurry slideshows and be so proud of them! However, it wasn't until I had the opportunity to get professional pictures done for myself that I first dreamt of becoming a photographer. My best friend was going away to college and to celebrate ten years as best friends, I booked a session. I still remember how much fun we had during that session, although it was nearly a decade ago! When we received our photos that very evening, my best friend and I looked through them, mouths dropped open, a twinkle of wonder in our eyes. 'We could be models!' my normally humble best friend said. And for the first time in my nineteen years of life, I felt truly beautiful. It was an amazing feeling.

That’s the emotion I want my clients to experience; that awe, the feeling of realizing they bring unique worth to this world. In the process, we will create a unique piece of art for your home that proudly proclaims the love you have for your family. 


I didn’t set out to specifically choose family photography as her specialty; it chose me. Because of my love for people, particularly children, it was natural that I would excel at family pictures. I especially love working with children. Their energy, innocence, and acceptance excites me. It's such a privilege to capture these moments in time for your family. I've had experience with extra shy or special needs kids, and usually by the end of the session they have let me into their little corner of the world.


That’s what its really all about: helping people realize the value, beauty, and unique worth they bring to this world – and have fun while doing it!

Cherish lives in Golden, Colorado with her husband, JB, their son Ole, and their two cats. They enjoy watching movies, going for walks, spending time with family, playing games together, and attending church. Cherish and Jb have been married for 2 years. 

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Located in Golden, Colorado

Facebook: Cherish the Moment Photography


Cell: 720-569-1316

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